Some of nature's best candy, sweet and so tasty. We grow smaller berries that are packed with flavor. They are fantastic fresh and make delicious jam, pies and ice cream. We just need to keep the rabbits away from them.

Our Products


At the farm we have both thornless and thorned blackberry canes. The thornless give us big sweet berries. The thorned berries, although smaller, are loaded with flavor that is more tart. They are great fresh, in desserts, jam and make great wine.


Sweet juicy peaches are the first tree fruits to ripen on the farm. We have freestone peaches both yellow and white. Some of the varieties include Elberta, Contender, Belle of Georgia and Red Haven.


We grow all sorts of tomatoes. We focus on heirloom varieties since we harvest and dry our own seeds from the best performers. From tiny super sweet currants to huge mortgage lifters and all sizes in between for eating, canning and wine making. 


We grow a very diverse collection of apples for juice, cooking and eating. Many are heirloom varieties and some have been grafted from abandoned apple trees in Virginia. We even have some we have grown from seed.


Our grapes are both white and red. The white grapes include: Edelweiss, Diamond, La Crescent, and Cayuga and are traditionally used for Riesling and sparkling wines. Reds include Black Spanish, Pink Reliance, and Concord.

Sweet Potatoes

When we started the farm we grew white potatoes and sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes significantly outperformed the white potatoes so we focused on growing these delicious orange vegetables for their high sugar and starch.


Squirrels love to steal our crisp delicious pears. They will leave just the cores on the top of fence posts. They choose from Hood, Kieffer, Spalding, Moonglow, Warren, and Potomac and we get what's left.